About Us

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We are a team of real estate enthusiasts and experts who are dedicated to providing our listeners with the latest information regarding the real estate market. Our radio show is an extremely useful listen for anyone who is already a real estate agent or is looking to get into the business. Everyone knows how challenging it is to succeed at real estate, which is why it makes sense to look at every opportunity for guidance and information.

While we can never claim to be the ultimate authority on real estate matters, we hope that our listeners can glean some insight into how the real estate market is developing in different parts of the country. We try not to focus on one or two parts of the country, but you might find us repeating ourselves if we think there is a particular area where real estate investors should be focusing their time and attention.

The bulk of our programs are dedicated to helping professional and investors who are involved with real estate, but this does not mean our radio show does not have uses for the average person. If you are someone who is looking to buy a home for the first time, or you are considering selling a property that has been in your family for many years, you can give our show a listen to see if you can pick up any helpful tips.

The real estate market never slows down, which is why our radio show maintains a brisk pace at all times. We take every second seriously, and we try to get as much real information into the hands of our listeners. Everything from interviews with experts, calls from guests and opinions from our hosts is included in the different segments you will hear throughout the day.