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How Improving My Smile Helped Me Regain My Confidence as a Realtor

How Improving My Smile Helped Me Regain My Confidence as a Realtor
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Appearances Do Matter


There I was my first year as a real estate agent, I had made a few big sales, and was feeling pretty confident. I was setting up for an Open House on a sunny Sunday.  I can still remember my excitement because I had two potential buyers coming in.

I had not met them in person just yet, but I had made sure I was wearing a wrinkle free suit, was wearing new heels, and sprayed a bit of perfume, and blow-dried my hair. However, what I had not anticipated was the fact that my coral orange lipstick would highlight the yellow undertones of my teeth.


I admit, I was a bit of a smoker during my college years, which did take a tool on my oral health. What I did not expect was the way some of the people at the open house had a hard time maintaining eye-contact


Teachings From a Wise Mentor


My mentor always taught me to dress impeccably well, the importance of a
good posture alongside a firm handshake, and a bright yet warm smile. I had passed the first two requisites with flying colors. After that open house I became very self-conscious of my smile, and it took a toll on my real estate persona. I always put forth a confident and trustworthy character. Surprisingly, I no longer felt as confident as I did when I started out.


improve-smile-regain-confidenceI had heard of horror stories where real estate agents had a piece of food, stuck in their teeth during important meetings, deals, open houses, you name it. However, those scenarios had easy remedies. Mine required a skilled professional. Thus, my mission after that open house was to find the best dental professional that could help me regain a beautiful healthy smile.


The Search For a Brighter Smile


I set out to find a Dentist who could safely whiten my teeth without hurting my enamel.  As I suffer from sensitive teeth, I knew this was going to be painful. After asking a few family members I went to 3 different dentists and got a quote, spoke with the Dentist at the consultation and explored my options.


I finally settled for the most amazing dentist who had the softest touch. After I talked with the Doctor and her team knew I was in the best hands under these Ontario Dentists. Dr. Soraya Acevedo and her Team truly made me feel at ease when I underwent my teeth whitening treatment. Thankfully I only had 2 small cavities that needed to be taken care of before we could proceed with the whitening.


As Dr. Acevedo explained, when a person has a cavity, they should not get their teeth whitened as it will increase the sensitivity of the patient, aka me. Since I have very sensitive teeth I got my cavities taken care off before the whitening, and must I say, the way the Doctor treated me was heavenly. I had almost no discomfort, and after 3 dental visits I walked out of the office with a brighter and healthier smile.


Regaining My Bright Smile & Confidence


Getting your teeth whitened is a transformative deed. I walked out of my Dentist’s office feeling like a whole new person. I could not stop smiling. Even while I write this I have a bright smile plastered on my face. I feel like a new person, and I could not be happier with the results. Of course, if you do decide to get your teeth whitened keep in mind you have to avoid coffee and red wine for some time, as it does cause staining. I took up exercising in the mornings to give me a boost of endorphins as a replacement for my coffee. As for the wine, well I’ve always been a whiskey lady.


I talked with a few other realtors, mainly smokers, and they all voiced the same concerns that I previously had. I was happy my smile was no longer a concern for me, and it allowed me to regain my professional confidence. My smile was no longer a distraction, and although I would greet every person at my open houses, I could now greet them with a broad and bright smile.


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