What We Broadcast

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Listeners who are interested in picking up on the latest real estate opportunities should give our show a listen during the weekdays and weekends. We make a real effort to get as much diversity as we can from our guests because we want to provide our listeners with a true impression of the 21st-century real estate market in the United States. But there are some markets that catch our eye more than others, such as Fort Lauderdale, The Hamptons, and Brentwood.

You may think these three locations have very little in common, but we believe in telling our listeners about where the best opportunities are present. Some of these opportunities are perfect for any listeners who may be interested in the high-end market – such as The Hamptons and Brentwood in Los Angeles. For listeners who have a slightly smaller budget, but still want to make an impression in the real estate world, hearing about the unique opportunities available in Fort Lauderdale and the Miami area can help them with their real estate ambitions.

One of the reasons why we love our radio station is because we get such a wide variety of guests who will come to the studio, answer questions and tell us about their lives in the real estate world. We might have someone who runs a luxury real estate agency on Monday, while the owner of a smaller real estate management firm might swing by on Tuesday. Not only does this give our listeners a wide view of the real estate world, but it allows us to compare and contrast the experiences of different people from around the United States.

Real estate is one of those fields you can never really understand until you spend some time among those who are either buying homes, selling properties or acting as middlemen during the negotiations. If you are thinking about getting your real estate license, or you simply want some tips on how to go about buying a new home for your family, listening to our different shows will certainly give you some helpful pointers.

One of the best parts about our shows is that we will never attempt to sugar coat any information, or present a rosier picture of the market than the reality. We believe that our listeners should have all the right info, even if it is not what they want to hear.